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If you are looking to back up your municipal water supply or looking for a back-up water supply of your borehole water, we have tailor maid solutions based on your back up demands. We use JoJo Tanks due to their reliability and warranty offered. If you are looking for anything from 1000L to 100 000L storage of water we can assist you.

Backup Water Supply System

Using 3 Stage Water Filtration systems we are able to purify the collected water of sediments. If you are looking for more detailed filtration systems including UV Filtered water, we are able to assist. Water filtration of municipal water, rain water and borehole water. We also offer water testing at a Lab for your borehole water collection.

Water Filtration System

With the climate changing globally we are subject to extreme drought and extreme rainfall. As water is a commodity that we all need to sustain it is beneficial to collect rain water and use this to fill your swimming pool or water the garden. Rain water harvesting is a sustainable source of water.

Rain Water Harvesting System Which pRODUCT/SERVICE is right for you?

We offer drilling of Borehole’s, connecting of water borehole pipes, maintenance on borehole pumps. Supply of borehole pumps, repairs on borehole pumps, lab testing of borehole water, installation of borehole  systems.

Borehole Water System

We offer servicing, testing, repairs and maintenance of existing water pumps. We repair and service most brands. We are able to offer cleaning and maintenance contracts for sump pumps.

Servicing and Maintenance

With the increase of flooding due to climate change most buildings with underground parking have had to look at ways of pumping out the water when it floods. Sump pumps are used in many industries including construction and most commonly are used in storm water drainage systems. If you are suffering from flooding issues, contact us and let us see where we can help you.

Storm Water Drainage

Suffering from low municipal water pressure? Need to boost your collected water supply? Looking for constant water pressure? We offer a range of solutions based on your requirements. We offer the installation, assessment, repair and maintenance of water pressure booster pumps.

Water Pressure Booster Pumps